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Jeremy Lack provides legal advice and services in a broad range of intellectual property fields, ranging from patents to copyrights, trademarks, design rights, database rights, trade secrets, domain names, and utility models. Using his “seven building blocks” approach, he assists his clients in identifying what IP rights they may have, how to obtain them in different jurisdictions, how to protect them and generate value out of them, and how to enforce them. He helps his clients set up and implement their own customized IP strategies, taking into account ownership structures, tax and fiscal optimization processes, and cost-effective ways of managing IP, based on a collective approach to intellectual property that includes all stakeholders. He works with a wide network of IP specialists in North America, Europe and Asia.

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Jeremy handles international negotiations, mediations, conciliations and arbitrations, and combined hybrid processes in a wide range of fields and industries. He also acts as settlement counsel or process design facilitator in assisting parties to design appropriate dispute resolution processes, taking into consideration time constraints, budgets, the value of the dispute, future business or personal relationships and any international considerations. This normally involves using a Guided Choice process, taking into account a wide range of corporate cultures, social and business considerations, and bringing in elements of the TRI-O/S model he has co-developed as part of his activities with Neurowareness and the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences. He has advised individuals, partnerships, small and medium-sized enterprises, multinationals, governments, universities and state-owned entities and combinations of negotiating parties of widely differing sizes and means to obtain mutually satisfactory outcomes in faster, cheaper and better ways, leading to greater satisfaction by all concerned. For a copy of his IMI professional profile as a mediator and as a mediation advocate (including independently generated user feedback digests from his clients), please click here.

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Rather than invoice on an hourly basis and incur expenses that they cannot afford, Jeremy Lack offers a range of retainer agreements to start-up companies and NGOs operating in a global and flattening world to enable them to plan their budgets, limit their expenses, and gain access to international legal services that such entities often cannot afford. This involves also having access to a range of legal and IP services and firms in the UK, USA and Switzerland at preferential rates for Jeremy Lack’s clients. Jeremy Lack also serves on the Board of Directors and acts as in-house counsel to several start-ups and NGOs. These services are offered in particular to companies operating in the Life Sciences, Information Technology, Public Health and/or public/private sector partnerships.

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