Testimonials & Feedback

Jeremy Lack enjoys an “excellent reputation”, receiving “consistently outstanding feedback” for his outstanding experience as a commercial mediator and for his “tech-savviness”.


Jeremy Lack is a specialist in the field who is “absolutely recommended” as a “vastly experienced” commercial mediator.


“Mr. Lack is persuasive and empathetic. He knew how to bridge substantial differences.”

Counsel to a party

“Both counsel and the parties involved were very satisfied with the outcome of the mediation. The two companies will even continue to a certain extent to collaborate, which was not at all expected.”

Counsel to a Client

“He has an ability to bring the parties to understand each other and reinstate respect.”


“Excellent theoretical knowledge and ability to implement in practice, remaining practical and realistic.”

Client CEO

“The mediator understood very quickly the attitude of the parties and used very appropriate means to bring them to understand each other and reached a settlement in one meeting only. Frankly, I did not believe that it could be possible before the meeting and even during the beginning of the meeting.”


“Mr. Lack work together with a co-mediator. In addition to their personal talents, they were very complementary and knew how to rise to a difficult challenge and keep the parties working together during a mediation that was long and emotionally painful for some of the parties.”


“The mediation allowed us to understand the true personalities of the people involved in this family dispute.”

Client in a family mediation

“His particular talents are his charisma, sensitivity and imagination.”


“This mediator has the capacity to imagine novel solutions to help the parties to create their own solutions together”. / « Ce médiateur a la capacité d’imaginer des solutions inédites et à aider les parties à créer des solutions ensemble.”


“Jeremy was quite persistent in getting the parties to prepare appropriately and talk during the actual mediation. He was also flexible to structure the mediation in the way we required.”


“Mr. Lack is a skilful mediator who can elicit the relevant interests from each party which will permit the parties in most cases to find a solution addressing their respective interests.”

Counsel to a party

“The parties were able to settle the case as a result of their mediation with Mr. Lack after an ad-hoc arbitration proceeding and four judicial proceedings.”

Counsel to a party

“He understood the cultural gap between the parties (Russian and French). His particular skills include his understanding of business law and intellectual property.”

Counsel to a party
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For mediations in which you have used Jeremy Lack’s services as a mediator or as a mediation advocate, please fill out an IMI Feedback Request Form. Every IMI mediator and mediation advocate is required to send a request for feedback following each mediation they conduct or participate in. Please take a few minutes to fill out the appropriate form for feedback regarding Jeremy Lack, whether as a mediator or as a mediation advocate:

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IMI Mediation Advocacy Feedback Request Form – English

All feedback to IMI peer reviewers is kept confidential. Your forms should be sent directly to Jeremy’s IMI peer reviewer, who will compile your feedback into a biennial feedback digest that will anonymize your feedback.

Jeremy’s peer reviewer for Mediator feedback forms is: Joanna Kalowski (E-mail: jok@jok.com.au)

Jeremy’s peer reviewer for Mediation Advocate feedback forms is: Manon Schonewille (E-mail: manonschonewille@home.nl)

Your feedback will benefit other people seeking information and feedback on mediators and mediation advocates, so that they can be better informed when selecting mediators and mediation advocates to ensure that they are not only professionally competent and subject to a code of ethical conduct, but are also suitable for the type of mediation process being considered.

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